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ACF Team Meeting

Ending Childhood Hunger 2023 Recap

Farm Bureau Insurance agents across the state founded the Agent Charitable Fund (ACF) to come together as an agency force to fund grants to end childhood hunger. The ACF believes in unleashing the power of Farm Bureau agents to end hunger in Michigan through education, financial support, and community engagement. Through the ACF, agents have access to grants and matching donation opportunities for Michigan schools and other community programs.

The ACF is made possible through the generous contributions of agents, employees, members, and insureds. Rob has been serving on the ACF Board as the Marketing Committee Chair since January 2022. Rob has directed $14,250 in Feeding the Future grants to five different nonprofits.

In 2023 the ACF gave $175,000 in grants to schools, food banks and community organizations, provided 875,000 meals and supported 85 organizations/schools.

If you are interested in getting involved, or work at a school or nonprofit that needs support, please reach out to us:

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